Software Consultancy

Effective planning of a project, gathering requirements, building up teams and seeing the big picture is the most critical aspect of Software Development Lifecycle. Adriva’s expertise on project management especially where there is a lot of ambiguity and changing business needs will help customers to focus on their business rather than trying to solve diverse problems, saving time and resources.

  • Share experiences and knowledge
  • Decrease risk
  • Decrease cost and reduce time
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Customers can focus on their core functions

Software Development

In our time it’s extremely critical for a company to deliver a solution as quickly as possible to become competitive and retain its position. In this space it’s crucial to have a turn-key solution delivered on time without compromising the quality of the overall project. Also keeping up with the fast changing technology and trends is equally important and costly to ensure project and business continuity. Thanks to its professional in-house task-force, Adriva offers off-shore development services where Adriva manages the whole project end-to-end without compromising the quality and delivers a turn-key solution to its customers.

  • Turn-key project delivery
  • No investment in resources and tools
  • No investment in R&D
  • No investment in training
  • Decrease risk in project management
  • Decrease risk in market fluctuations
  • Live project status tracking
  • Customer purely focus on business

SaaS Management

Centralize Your SaaS Management Discover and visualize SaaS apps, streamline all provisioning operations and conquer Shadow IT. Optimize Your SaaS Spend Gain valuable insights into SaaS expenditure and optimize where it counts. Effortless Device Management Visualize devices, monitor statuses and manage lifecycle. Seamless Device Procurement, Config and Delivery Choose the right equipment and configurations for your team with ease, and streamline delivery logistics with utmost efficiency. Elevate your productivity with a wide array of integrations Select from a large catalog of popular SaaS integrations to drastically simplify your workflows.

  • Reduced investment
  • Reduce risk in finding the right people
  • Reduce risk in technology


Without a question, the most expensive and challenging part of software development is the human resource and it may not be easy to build up a team as the projects grows permanently or temporarily, due to fluctuations in the market, changing business needs and finding the right person for the job. In this space, Adriva can help its customers by providing the right resources at the right time without any hassle and can adjust the size of the team seamlessly where customers get to work with the right people at all times.

  • Reduce investment in human resource
  • Reduce risk in finding the right people
  • Reduce risk in technology
  • No long term commitments
  • Share experience and knowledge
  • Immediate access to skilled personnel

Project Quality Management

To ensure success in the long run, it’s essential to ensure that the project meets the requirements of the market and new features are added without compromising the quality of the projects. Quality is not one single number that represents the grade of a solution but rather a set of measures. Quality management is an end-to-end process rather than a step in the whole SDLC. Adriva, having experts in Software Quality Management, can help its customers to efficiently identify problems and threats before delivery, embrace continuous integration and define metrics on a per-project basis to ensure the overall quality of the solution and effective allocation of resources.

  • Increase visibility and project traceability across all levels
  • Increase market value
  • Decrease re-work
  • Defect and threat management
  • Increase build quality
  • Decrease human effort for testing and deployment
  • Easy deployment with continuous integration

Investigative Consultancy

How many time have you heard someone saying "It's working fine on test servers" or "I don't think there's a performance problem with the software" etc. Especially if you are building on the top of legacy code it's not easy to deliver while ensuring the pieces play nicely with each other. Also sometimes it's not easy to prioritize problems because of the snowball effect. That's why we have our own CSI team to help you with hard to identify problems that only happens in production :).

  • Find hidden bugs and potential threats hidden in the system
  • Act on measurable and quantitive data rather than assumptions
  • Refactor instead of re-write



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